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About Smart Cart

A Shopping & delivery App company located in Aqaba – Jordan. At Smart Cart, we care about your everyday needs, so we’ve brought together essential, everyday services in one place, easy to reach at one tap. They’re tailored to your local needs, so you’ll be able to get right to the services that are important to you. In the end, you can get back to doing what you care most about in life, leaving the daily tasks to us.


Our Categories

Restaurants & More

Busy, tired, or not in the mood for a drive-in buzzing Aqaba? No problem, order food to your door from over 150 restaurants and home kitchens and track your delivery. Choose from Albalad bests, international cuisine brands, best home cooked food kitchens or satisfy you sweet tooth with a collection of pastries, cake shops, cafes and more. You can now easily access your food craves with Smart Cart shopping and delivery App!

Shops & Markets

Missing an ingredient while cooking or just want the complementary yoghurt and coke for your family gathering? Don’t let anyone leave the table, or the house! In a few taps, shop your daily essentials, health and personal care items all the way to specialty gift and flowers! With more than 100 markets, grocery stores, bakeries, roasteries, butchers, fish shops, all the way home appliances stores around Aqaba, your life just got much easier!

Parcel Delivery (Tawseleh)

Whether documents, an urgent parcel delivery for work or items from a location of your choice, get it picked up and delivered with our courier service. All you have to do is download the App and select our Parcel delivery service and we will get what you need collected, from wherever it is and have delivered to you right away. Do you need to pick up things and drop them off multiple places, frequently? well, now you have the option of simply doing that and on a budget! If you have frequent parcel and items delivery orders now you can buy service bundles where you save up on your cash.


Didn’t find the store of your choice in our App? That’s not a problem at all! You can easily get what you need by clicking on the section named (Anything) and tell us what you want and we will purchase it and deliver it to you- Simple!


Our Story

It all started with a simple idea one afternoon! Mohammad Abu shanab our founder and CEO is just like any Aqabawi, he’s always loved our awesome food and enjoyed our afternoon albalad strolls but we all know those heat waves every summer and totally understand how it feels to dread that daily need to grab few thigs and get those July heat shocks! He kept thinking of a way to help people of Aqaba as well as its visitors to enjoy its essence all the time even on hot summer days, and that is when he thought of introducing such idea to the market and locals. He did not reinvent the wheel but man did we gave it a 4K,3D, HD boost or what! Mr. Abushanab now managed the business with an elite of Aqaba’s best brains using both our local’s logistics and technology expertise!

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